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Neighborhood Thrift Store—A Great Bargain in the Neighborhood*

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Do you love thrift stores? Do you hunt for bargains, or are you more curious than that? What do you look for when you go to the thrift store? Me neither! No one knows what they want to find at a thrift store! That’s the beauty of thrift stores in the first place! You don’t go to thrift stores to find anything in particular! You go for the hunt, you go to see what is there, and you come home with STUFF, whatever STUFF you can find, especially STUFF that is on sale. If it is worth something to someone else, that’s great, but what is it worth to you? My favorite kitchen item is a Christmas-themed liquid soap dispenser. I found it at Neighborhood Thrift Store, one of my favorite stores, for 90% off. That means it was 10 cents, so I walked out with a handy dandy must-have kitchen item for two nickels. I fill it with whatever soap I want, and it’s cute and fun-looking. It’s Christmas all year long in my kitchen, at least with that item. If I want to match it up with other items, I can just wait until December 28th or so and stock up. It’s a fun item I was not looking for, but I found it because I was on the hunt for fun items.

What other fun things can I find at Neighborhood Thrift? I find great clothes there, and they have a dressing room, a must-have for my ever-changing body shape. I guess I hunt for food the same way I hunt at thrift stores—whatever I find on sale comes home with me, yikes. At nearly every visit, something is on sale in the clothing department. They have everything sorted by size, so I don’t have to rummage through every single thing to find my size. They even have extra-large, which is great. They have a great assortment of dresses, and I am sure their men’s and children’s clothing sections are superb. They have quality clothes at great prices. Hooray!

I can get puzzles galore there. I love puzzles, and they have great board games, too. I picked up a 6 game set with chess, checkers and other fun games, and it had all of the pieces. It was a great bargain., Their Christmas selection, as I have demonstrated, is very good, and they even have new toys during the season. They also have Easter stuff, which can be hard to find.  This store funds a daycare center, so they amass a load of school supplies. They have a whole room for dishes and miscellaneous. For miscellaneous, which is Latin for “stuff,” I would definitely go there.

I have bought small pieces of furniture at great prices.  They have a huge area filled with good stuff, so if I could run stuff home as easily as pulling up my trusty pickup truck—I can’t even begin to think of parking those things!!—to pick up bargain furniture, Neighborhood Thrift would be my first stop. I like their layout. It’s not all cramped up into a little space. They use their space wisely.  The people helped me take them to my car, but I don’t know if they were on the job or just being nice to a little lady person. I wish I could pick up a pickup truck at the store! I bet it would be in great condition. I would just need a pickup driver, too, smile.

They have great customer service. When I check out, there is always a trusty and nice cashier wanting to sort my stuff and give me advice on coming back. They try to y sort my stuff, though, but I have too much to haul at nearly every visit. They couldn’t take me into their sorting area, but it is easy to see that everything in view is well-sorted and not just junky like some stores in the back.  I like the workers very much. Some workers at other stores are in it because they need a job anywhere, but these people enjoy helping others, and it shows.

I like the whole store, as you can tell. I especially like helping out a daycare center. Who likes to deal with children? They do! I suggest many, many trips to Neighborhood Thrift for bargain hunting. Have a great hunt!